Christy Nielsen - Bird Photographer Extraordinaire

Richard Uhlhorn talked to Christy Nielson to learn about how she became obsessed with photographing birds. Her photographs are stunning. Many for this article were filmed near Lake Chelan. One of Christy's favorite locations is in the nearby Waterville Plateau.

Sleuthing Lake Chelan's cowboy photographer

The research for our Lawrence D. Lindsley book is nearing completion - with a few surprising finds!

Wine is driving Lake Chelan Tourism Economy

Lake Chelan has gained a reputation as the premium wine district in Washington State.

Colors of Fall

There is no need to head east to treat yourself to stunning fall colors.

Vintage boats on Lake Chelan

October is time for Mehagony & Merlot.

Get on the map

Lake Chelan Magazine is creating an interactive map of the Lake Chelan area that will really get you on the map!